Group Meal Support

Each group member is interviewed beforehand in order to make sure it is the right fit. The groups are facilitated, structured and recovery-oriented.

Regardless of your situation, we are here to help you navigate through your recovery.

Group Therapy Session

Available Group Therapy Sessions:

  • Evening Mindfulness and Relaxation Group
  • Meal Support Group
  • Reconnecting with Community Group
  • Major Live Events, Coping Skills Group

Would you like to suggest a new therapy group? Click here to contact us.

Individual Meal Support Therapy

Rooted Recovery can support you before, during, or after any meal or snack.

Together, we create your individual meal support plan tailored to meet your specific needs. Sessions will include support, skills training, accountability, compassionate challenges, and time to process your feelings and thoughts.

Individual Therapy

Rooted Recovery outcome-driven therapy is distinctive in the following ways:

  • clinicians are reviewed on a regular basis;
  • treatment is evaluated regularly to measure for quality, effectiveness and to ensure that you’re making the progress you want and need to make in your recovery.

Rooted Recovery wholeheartedly believes that you can live the life you want, free of the eating disorder. Our network of specialists provide mentoring, individual and group therapy. We can also provide you with personalized referrals. To find out more, go to the Clinical Services section.

Friends and Family

As you support your loved one through their recovery process, it is vital that you receive both support and resources so that you and your family can thrive together. To find out more, go to the Education and Advocacy section.


We provide a variety of specialized services that can augment the work that you are doing with your patients. We also provide clinical consultation and supervision. To find out more, go to the Professional Community page.